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About my experience with Glucose Level monitoring

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Content preparation

Based on my readings from Outlive by Peter Attia, I did a two weeks experiment and measure my blood sugar levels using a continuous glucose monitor (I used Freestyle Libre 3).

I wanted to learn:

  • what kind of nutrition has what effect on my glucose levels
  • what effect does intermittent fasting have
  • what about sleep and my glucose levels
  • overall, now with 47, how am I doing with my blood sugar levels

The great thing is that these monitoring devices provide a data point every minute and was for me an very fascinating experience to live monitor what happens in my body during the day.

I attached some pictures that show various interesting insights from a 24h time range.

For intermittent fasting it was interesting to see, how the glucose levels slowly decrease over time and get glow 100 at the end of my 14-16h intervall.

In the beginning I had some interesting spikes with low glucose levels. One during the night and one during a power nap. This might also explain my immense power boost during naps, that make me waking up, super refreshed. Very interesting. But actually it did not appear again during the 2 weeks of measuring.

And also interesting to see that especially pasta and wheat products lead to a very fast increase to glucose levels. I had the same effect when eating grapes. On the opposite, much of my currently main nutrition created only a steady change and a less variable glucose level around 100.

Fascinating how our body works. Thanks for the impulse Peter Attia through your book. And looking forward to further exploring.

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