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  • with over 50 attendees from 15 countries the first Women in Leadership workshop we ran on Monday was a great success
  • attendees left with concrete actions - quotes
    • schedule 10 minutes a day to start getting my message out of my head
    • Weekly retrospect on the week‘s achievements
    • More empowering thoughts
    • Power poses. I FELT it when we did it
    • put myself more often in the situations that I need to develop in rather than trying to find ways to avoid them
    • Invest in myself
    • Talk to people more!
    • be comfortable with the unpredictable
    • embrace rather than avoid a challenge
    • as a leader, I build leaders
    • Capture my negative thoughts and write empowering statements to overwrite
  • attendees where highly engaged during the 60 minutes powerful workshop with the great embodiment through power poses, with self reflections and applying their growth mindsets to identified ares for growing confidence in. Through interactions in breakouts and lively shared insights throughout the session attendees leverages being together. It was 60 minutes super well spent.
  • And great news - due to high demand we repeat the Women in Leadership workshop. This time with an adjusted timezone to also enable APAC to join. So check your calendars for March 18, 8 AM CET / 6 PM Singapore / 5 PM Brisbane and Register here: https://explore.coachingbyblinkist.com/women-in-leadership-workshop/

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