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The 30 Second Habit That Can Have a Big Impact On Your Life



  • Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds – no more, no less – to write down the most important points.
  • It’s not note taking: Don’t think, just because you write down everything in a meeting, that you’re excused from the 30 second summation.
  • It’s an act of interpretation, prioritisation and decision-making.
  • because we so often, ostensibly, capture everything – and thus avoid the hard work of deciding what something counts – that everything is worth less.
  • excellence is, of course, the art of elimination. And the 30 second review stops you
  • You must act quickly: If you wait a few hours, you may recall the facts, but you lose the nuance.
  • You learn to listen better, and ask better questions: Once you get into the habit of the 30 second review, it starts to change the way you pay attention,
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