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Discovery of Core Values

Big 3 areas

  • Occasion
  • Life partner
  • community to life in

(might be connected with [[The Big Five for Life]])

People need a meaning to derive motivation. Searching for meaning is a great motivation by itself.

Manage fears by pursuing them.

  • Paradoxical intervention e.g. Try to blush when in front of others (when you fear blushing)

Principles to consider:

  • be prepared
  • showing up honest, transparent, vulnerable creates trust
  • schedule based on priority
  • ability to manage time


Consider the 4 domains Family, Business, Community, Self

  • set 3 highest priorities in each
  • define key activities for each priority and use calendar blocking

What part of my life would I write with RED PEN (so can’t be overwritten)

Time management

  • proactive scheduling combined with calendar blocking
  • ensure meetings with purpose, outcome and clear timebox


User the Strengthfinder to derive key strengths.

Qualities of core values

  • connect to who you are in your core
  • reflect YOUR differentiated point of view - describe you well
  • best phrased as short & action oriented
    • e.g. “find a better way and share it”
  • enable to objectively rate yourself

One can use the opposite of bad phrasing to check if it is a core value.

4 Questions to discover your core values

  • In what work environments are you highly engaged?
  • In what professional role or jobs did you do your best work?
  • What help, advice or qualities do others come to you for?
  • What do you want said about you in your enology (Lobrede)?

Write down the answers and look for common themes/phrases.

Authentic leadership

Be true to yourself and your own beliefs. Take inspiration from your own stories ([[Storyworthy - Matthew Dicks]]).

Great Leadership

Are self aware:

  • what are you best at and what are core strengths
  • and complement shortcomings (with support from others)

Act with integrity and follow their True North.

What motivates you extrinsically and intrinsically?

  • Intrinsically - derived from your own sense of meaning
    • e.g. personal growth, being true to believes
  • Balance both

Invest in relationships and build great supporting teams (networks). [[Your Network Is Your Net Worth]]

  • Mentors … help to learn the critical lessons
  • Personal support groups
    • clarify beliefs and provide honest feedback

Integrate all aspects of your life.

  • Personal, Professional, Friends, Community

Flawed types of leadership


  • lack of self-esteem
  • political


  • don’t take reponsibility
  • follow own agenda
  • are not connected with their own values

Glory seekers

  • focussed on outward faced success - money, fame, glory


  • miss supporting structures
  • lonely wolves

Shooting stars

  • were raising too fast (Peterchen Principle)

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