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Management 3.0 - Management for Complex Domain


Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo. Management in Complexity.

When might this be relevant to you?

This can help you when you have question like

  • What management aspects to consider in complex domains (that most of us are in)?

  • What should I focus on as a leader to provide leadership & management that matches requirements from working in complex domains?

Potential usages

  • Management aspects by on the Management 3.0 model
    • Align Constraints
    • Develop Competence
    • Grow Structure
    • Improve everything
    • Energize people
    • Empower Teams

My offer

Consult with leaders with aspects of Management 3.0.

Where did I apply that?

  • I was Co-Creator and Facilitator of the famous Management 3.0 meetup in Munich

  • I attended one of the first Management 3.0 courses (hosted by Jürgen Dittmar, directly related with Jurgen Appelo and Jeff Sutherland)

My level of expertise


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