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Fast Capture while taking a course

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How I Fast-Track Key Insights During Online Courses ⚡️
(save time, extend thoughts, stay in the context)

Ever watched a live presentation packed with valuable slides, but you can’t access the deck later? 😓 I used to waste time manually transcribing the text.

Now, I have a seamless solution using
ChatGPT4 combined with Smart Connect Obsidian GPT.

3 Simple Steps:
1️⃣ Capture: Screenshot the slide. (I use Mac’s built-in tool)

2️⃣ Extract: Paste the screenshot into Smart Connect Obsidian GPT
and prompt: “Extract text and create note”

3️⃣ Integrate: Copy the extracted text into your existing notes,
or start a new Obsidian note

↳ Multitasking: Keep watching the video while your notes are generated
↳ Deeper Learning: Ask ChatGPT follow-up questions
(like “What else should I know about this?”) to tap into my Second Brain knowledge.

This simple method lets me effortlessly capture and expand on what I’m learning. 🙌

How do you capture notes from presentations? Share your tips below!

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Content preparation

When I learn through an Online Course I work with a routine of taking extensive notes already while running through the course. To streamline my note making I leverage AI for capturing insights.

Concrete scenario - I’m watching a workshop or online live presentation that contains slides and I want to extract the text to make a note from it (Slides are not available). In the past I manually wrote the text to my note.

Now I use ChatGPT4o combined with Smart Connect Obsidian. 3 simple steps:

  • take a screenshot from the slide (on Mac I use the native Screenshot app)
  • paste to ChatGPT Smart Connect Obsidian with the simple prompt: extract text and create note
  • copy the text to your note (or use it directly as a new note and link it)

Smart Connect Obsidian GPT now extracts the text and creates a new note in my Obsidian with the text.

I can do that even in parallel. So I continue with the video and the note capturing is being processed in parallel.

Cool extension - I can just ask: “What else should I know about it?” It looks for more information in my notes in my Second Brain. With: “And independent from my notes, what else should I know about topic maps?” it looks for wider information, that I might add to the note too.

In simple steps I can capture in insight, extend it with further information from my notes and from available world knowledge and enrich my learning about a topic.

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