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Objectives and Key Results (OKR)



  • The objective should be meaningful, plain, actionable, and time conscious.
  • Key Results (KRs) specify how you attain your objective.
  • Productive KRs are distinct and timely, realistic, and measurable, and verifiable.
  • Unlike Objective, Key Results are continuously measured as the work progressed.
  • Note that every KR and objective has a date and measurable value.
    1. Start with writing your objective with the end date. From now on, you own that objective, and you are committing to it.
    2. Write down the first key result to measure your success in achieving the objective.
    3. Set at least two more key results. Be harsh yet realistic with yourself.

Mistakes with OKRs

  • Poorly rated objective. Also known as “Who Cares” OKR.
  • Inability to differentiate between aspirational and committed OKRs. Aspirational OKRs are impossible to attain but set a template for business growth.
  • your Aspirational OKR doesn’t meet the needs of your customers, then it’s timid.
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