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Notes from $100M Offers

$100M Offers at Blinkist

  • Make people an offer so good they would feel stupid saying no
  • for sure your product needs to deliver on its promise
  • The greater their financial investment, the greater their emotional investment. The more they commit their time and energy to your product or service, the more they gain.
  • value is what you get - master the psychology of value!

\(prospects\: dream\: outomes \times likelyhood\: of\: success \over prospects\: time \times effort\)

  • over deliver on the likelyhood for your prospect to achieve their dream outcome while making it as instant and effortless for them as possible
  • what is the dream outcome?
    • list all obstacles
  • desire is a formidable source
  • Urgency is scarcity’s partner in crime
  • scarcity - stirs up desire based on limited quantity
  • urgency - stirs up desire based on limited time
    • e.g. by offering cohorts (and creating FOMO)
  • Bonuses and guarantees are what make an offer too good to be ignored
    • leveraging bonuses is far superior to cutting prices
    • humans fear losses more than thez crave gains
  • Naming: What is your product offer/service. And add a some words that ties to how you leveraged scarcity, urgency, bonuses, guarantees
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