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Notes from Johanna Rothman - Short Feedback Loops

Source: From Johanna Rothman and her blog post

Core message

  • Start ONE thing
  • Finish it
  • Do that again until you satisfy the customer
  • Shorten all feedback loops

Hunch - Rolling wave backlog planning

  • choose small MVP and then pull more work
  • replace gantt charts with rolling wave

Also recommends against using Story Points and velocity. Velocity does not account for delays. Cycle time does.

Team Work and Cycle time impacts

Collaborate in mobbing, swarming - and optimise for flow efficiency rather than resource efficiency.

A simple value stream map and showing how a team is collaboration on a topics. It shows work time, wait time and cycle time in a way one can start to think about optimizations.

Please note that the time is the duration and not the total people hours invested. This is an important differentiation as we optimise for speed to create outcome rather than billable hours. And now see the difference in cycle time when the code review, testing and PO review is separated.

And now let’s also include a delayed release time:

And now it gets worse - based in members of a team just working in silos on a topic:

Some good questions

  • What will help us get this story to done today?
  • How little can we do and still get a valuable result that will tell us what to do next?


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