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AI development is progressing super fast. How do I stay up-2-date and how can you process AI news with a balance of efficiency and extracting key information?

I connect with several main input channels and have build an efficient news processing pipeline.

I subscribed to the following 6 leading AI newsletters:

  • theaiexchange
  • AI Breakfast (weekly)
  • Ben’s bites
  • Every.to - the Sunday digest
  • Insidr.ai
  • Superhuman

Through processing these newsletters with my Capture-Organize-Distill pipeline you can process information fast and funnel key insights to one central learning space. Your growing Second Brain.

It works like that:

  • MATTER, my read later app is key. I subscribe to the AI newsletters via my MATTER eMail address. (Capture)
  • When I have some time in between, and with a dedicated reading hour on Sunday, I skim through the captured news. While reading I highlight MY key insights. (Distill)
  • You can connect Matter with your Second Brain central. I use Obsidian as my central information hub. And all my key insights from Newsletters are automatically imported to my Second Brain. (Organize)
  • Now it becomes already available for my AI layer and appears in searches and potential connections with notes 🧠
  • I follow my impulse for further catching up on these insights, based on my current projects and appetite for deep dives. With having newsletter insights available at your finger tips, you can leverage the information whenever you need to.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-04-02_Tue


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