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Goals checking after 4 months in this year

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Post at LinkedIn Turns out, I spent a full WORK WEEK exercising each month..

Four months into 2024, and my commitment to fitness and nutrition continues to test and strengthen my perseverance. 

Here’s where I stand: 🏋️ Total Exercise: 12,500 minutes this year, averaging 46 hours per month — surpassing the time of a full work week dedicated solely to fitness!

👊 Push-Up Progression: Shoutout to Stefano Sostak for the friendly challenge that redefined my routine! 

Transitioned from beginner leg-down push-ups to full push-ups, not just increasing the count but mastering form: Start: Began with 22 push-ups in a single go Rapid Growth: Grew to 48 push-ups within just 12 days… Past Achievements: Previously hit a high of 320 push-ups and now adjusted to time constraints.

🍽️ Dietary Adjustments:  Inspired by Dan Go’s advice  — Focus on diet to burn fat and workouts to build muscle — 

I’ve revised my eating habits for optimal balance: ↳ Reduced caloric intake by skipping meals ↳ Maintained sugar reduction, with minimal exceptions ↳ ☕ Moderation in Coffee: 

Eased my strict no-coffee rule to a balanced three cups a day, enjoying small indulgences while keeping health in check.

🔄 Consistency is Key: ↳ Peloton: Unbroken streak of 143 weeks! ↳ Push-Ups: Challenging yet rewarding ↳ Sugar Reduction: 124 days strong

🤔 Personal Reflection:  While I’m proud of these wins,  weight management remains a delicate balance,  reminding me of the continuous journey towards optimal health.

What about your 2024 health goals, and how are you keeping yourself accountable? 

If you’re looking to build a supportive network, let’s connect and strengthen our commitments together. 

(Part 2 of My Sugar-Busting Tips coming tomorrow…)

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Following through with fitness and nutrition commitments is my measurement for perseverance. So let’s checking after 4 months in 2024.

My 3000 minutes exercise per month goal is intact. I’m at 12500’ this year. That is an average of 46h per month. So more than an equivalent of a full 40h work week per month investment in regular exercises.

I adjusted my pushup routine. I started with the leg down version beginning this year. It started with a set of 11 in first iteration, 12 second and I pushed it to a max of 320;125. At this point time investment was too high and my friend Stefano Sostak challenged me nicely. Now I’m back to earth with full pushup version. Started like a rookie with 22;9 and pushed it within 12 days to 48;20. It’s challenging each and every day.

Based on an impulse from a post by Dan Go: Focus on your diet to burn fat & your workouts to build muscle - I further adjusted my diet and reduced calorie intake but skipping one meal and reducing overall intake. I’m still not there when it comes to my perceived optimal balance. But this ping gave me the necessary insight, that I should not try too heavy through sports but leverage the higher impact through diet. A tough challenge to break through that previous nutrition pattern and fully into forming a new habit.

Fully on track with main reduction of added sugar intake. With less than a hand full exceptions I’m on track. And it feels like a victory. Mastering that addiction is really challenging. What works for me: avoid having it around me!

With coffee I relaxed my approach slightly. From full reduction I’m now back to max 3 cups per day. This is my little gift now it is about the keeping the balance.

Regarding forming habits and knowing that it takes more than 200 days to form;don”t skip for more than 2 days in a row - let’s check:

  • Peloton and exercises on track since 143 weeks - soon 3 YEARS
  • on track with pushups - but challenging!
  • on track with sugar - 124 days it it
  • weight balance - on the edge - need to steer that a bit more

What is your challenge? And how are you following through this year. Let’s connect if you want to form accountability partnerships. Together stronger!

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