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Rapid Capturing and focussed processing

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Unlock Focus and Efficiency: Decouple Information Capturing from Processing! 🧠✨

Ever stumbled upon an interesting website, video, or article only to lose focus from your current task?

I have, and I found the solution - use a read later app. I’m using matter (see link in the comment) 🎯

✪ Matter has transformed how I consume information. It’s integrated in my browser, and with a simple Ctrl+M, I capture any content that piques my interest. 🖥️ It even automatically transcribes Podcasts and Video content.
✪ I’ve made capturing even more seamless by writing a small Google script that forwards emails labeled to Matter. 📧
✪ Subscribing to newsletters using my Matter email address directly populates my Matter library with curated content. 📚
✪ Matter is also available on my phone, integrated into the context menu for quick captures on-the-go. 📲

This system of capturing allows me to delay content consumption without the fear of losing it. The result? More focus and peace of mind. 🧘‍♂️

When I’m ready to consume, I dive into my Matter library and choose an item that sparks interest. Matter provides a distraction-free reading and listening experience, eliminating ads, and enabling me to scan for the main content.

While reading, I highlight crucial aspects, forming my first stage of processing.🚀

The key insights get automatically imported into my hashtag#SecondBrain, maintained with Obsidian. Whenever I want to follow up on an insight, it’s ready in my workflow. 🌐

This decoupling of capturing from processing creates a balance between preserving an idea and finding the right time to work on it. It’s not just about hashtag#efficiency ; it’s about forming a habit and finding satisfaction in the process. 🌟

Have you tried decoupling capturing information from processing?
How has it impacted your focus and efficiency?

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  • When I find something of interest - be it a website, a video, an article, a recommendation I immediately safe that to Matter.
  • I made that capturing step super easy:
    • It is integrated in my Browser and I do capture via Ctrl+M
    • I wrote a little google script where based on a label an eMail is forward to Matter
    • I subscribe to Newsletters using my Matter eMail address
    • Matter is available on my phone to and integrated in the context menu
  • Mattering items frees me from my immediate wish to consume content. Rather I can easily delay without losing it. I observed that this habit creates peace of mind and helps me to focus on the topic I’m at when such an information appears
  • When I have a moment where I’m in the mood to read I open my Matter library, pick a topic that sparks interest and start reading. Ads are removed and I have a distraction free version, that I can scan for main content. While reading I do first stage highlighting of crucial aspects.
  • My highlighted key insights get automatically important to my Second Brain that I maintain with Obsidian. And whenever I would like to follow up on such an insight I can use it right away in my work.

Decoupling capturing from processing helps to stay focussed. It creates a balance between not losing an idea and finding the right time to work on an idea. Making capturing and further processing as lightweight as possible helps to form a habit and also brings me statisfaction with being efficient and not wasting time with too much manual processing.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-01-21_Sun


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