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Don’t restrict learning


  • Many employees do not invest enough (?) in learning
    • Even restrictive learning budgets don’t get used
  • To ask for a training often takes several steps and approvals.
  • Getting reimbursed is cumbersome. Sometime people have to pay from their pockets first.
  • Companies I worked with worked with Learning budgets.
  • Individual learning is often not core to personal development programs in companies


  • employees don’t invest in themselves
    • not enough financial support
    • cumbersome process
    • no time beside operational work
  • assumption that removing budget restrictions leads to wild west learning

A way forward

  • Remove too strict learning budgets. If someone wants to learn then foster and amplify. And provide some [[Simple Rules]] as guidance.

Some Simple guidelines

  • Establish sharing of learnings either within your team or even outside your company
    • based on [[MOC Building a 2nd brain |building a 2nd brain]] the step of expressing is crucial for learning
  • Suggest to build a connection with company purpose, missing, OKR.
    • This way learning can help the company innovate and further progress in direction operational excellence
  • Monitor yearly used learning investments and even share within company.
    • It provides a social anchor and enables people to compare and adjust their investment
  • And celebrate increased learnings and share success stories based on these learnings.

Interesting approaches

  • Introduce a Day of Learning and Innovation. At Blinkist we used one Friday per quarter that was especially dedicated to learning (either individually or in small free formed groups)
  • Make payment or reimbursement for learning super easy. E.g. via services Pleo where everyone can work with individual virtual credit cards.
  • Provide simple access to knowledge. Blinkist e.g. offers BlinkistBusiness where employees get access to Key Insights from over 5000 non-fiction books and podcasts. This way one can get a fast overview on topics and take an informed decision on what to drill down.


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