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Automated Recruiting

One of the tactics Teresa recommends is recruiting participants while they’re using your product or service

they started automating user recruitment, began interviewing one to five users weekly, and transitioned to a storytelling model for interviews.

He’s found that using better framing questions like “What time was it?” and “Who else was there?” has helped them get stories that relate to their research goals

I proposed we create a similar Pendo pop-up in-app that’s linked to a Microsoft Bookings page that lets users schedule their own interviews based on the team’s availability.

We’ve pretty quickly been able to identify opportunities and test our assumptions, with a few being invalidated in a very short window of time.”

Sharing interviews has had a ripple effect. Not only is Dan’s team helping others understand what they’re learning from customers, but they’re also getting other stakeholders bought into the process of continuous interviewing

Some general hints for interview scheduling

  • Book twice as many interviews as you need.
  • Dan says about 50% of interviews are no shows
  • If you can, include a dial-in phone number into your meeting link as an alternate method.


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