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How I streamline my Note-Taking with Smart Connect Obsidian AI (A strong summarization workflow for your Second Brain)

I discovered a workflow that simplifies summarizing key insights and integrating them directly into Obsidian. It lets you capture and distill knowledge in one go.

Capture and distill knowledge seamlessly: 1️⃣ — Upload any PDF or text document to Smart Connect Obsidian GPT 2️⃣ — Get an instant summary saved directly to your Obsidian vault. 3️⃣ — Enhance your summary with additional thoughts or visuals using GPT

This approach uses the power of ChatGPT for fast, efficient summarization,  seamlessly integrated into your note-taking practice. 

I can’t wait for even more advanced capabilities, like audio and video file processing directly in ChatGPT (Currently I use a step for getting a transcript, but I think this will become obsolete soon too)

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Smarter Note Taking with Smart Connect GPT (strong summarization workflow for your Second Brain)

Getting a summary and creating a note were still several manual steps, but that changed just this morning.

Out of curiosity I discovered a next helpful workflow for capturing key insights. A connection between Smart Connect Obsidian - a GPT in ChatGPT that directly connects with my Second Brain in Obsidian.

You can use this simple workflow:

  • upload a Pdf or text to summarize to Smart Connect Obsidian
  • ask for a summary and creating a note with the summary directly in Obsidian
  • extend with further summarization and thoughts while working in GPT (for example creating an image)

A quite cool workflow as it combines the summarization power of ChatGPT and streamlines taking a note from it. With advancing capabilities in ChatGPT I expect fast summaries for Audio and Video files too, then I have a very strong capture+summarization step to distill content in one go.

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