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Unlock the AI Writing Paradox - Stay True, Stay Efficient

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Unlock the AI Writing Paradox: Stay True, Stay Efficient 🤖✍️
(Uncover three Levels of AI support for writing)

Ever felt torn between the allure of AI’s efficiency and the authenticity of your own voice? At the heart of it, writing is a reflection of our innermost self, especially when it’s in our mother tongue. As a German speaker aiming for English fluency, I’ve grappled with this: ❓How much AI should I lean on without losing ‘me’ in my words?

James Presbitero sheds light on this with his three-tiered approach to AI augmentation in writing—definitely worth a read (link below). 📘

❌🤖✨ The CORE of our writing should remain untouched by AI.

My fundamental values and deepest dreams, shared only with those closest to me. I need to deeply reflect and express myself in my own words, often turning to my native German for complete clarity. Using AI would alter the meaning and hinder my process of exploring and articulating my core essence.

🤖✨ The MANTLE - still deep but not exclusive to us, where AI supports

Deep topics where I’m an authority, not exclusive to me. I use AI for enhancing readability, improving wording, creating hooks and titles, finding quotes, supporting arguments, and broadening my perspective.

🤖🤖🤖✨The CRUST - where AI is at the center
Topics needing less personality, where speed is key. Quick summaries, routine emails, or creating variations on a theme—efficiency is king, and AI is the powerful ally.

For guidance ask yourself: “How much of myself is in this piece of writing?”
✪ The writing completely represents me ➟NO AI
✪ The writing represents some of me ➟ Some AI
✪ The writing is not me ➟ 🤖🤖🤖✨

What’s your take? How do you balance the use of AI in your writing? Share your thoughts! 🤔✨

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I’m using AI a lot to support my writing and at the same time I’m also interested in writing and expressing myself. I’m not a native English speaker and want to writer properly to provide a value to my audience. I asked myself how much AI support is appropriate to still express myself and at the same time bridge the language gap, being efficient and effective too. James Presbitero Jr. wrote an interesting article about the three layers of AI augmentation (link in the comments).

The hint: “How much you use AI depends on how personal the writing is to you. The more of yourself you put into your writing, the less room there is for AI.”

Level One - CORE - No AI - for stuff we are made of, our highest values, deepest wishes, highest dreams. Writings we only show to a very inner circle. This is where I need to deeply think and come up with my own words. And in these moments I also use my German mother language as I’m clear for myself for 100% about the meaning of a word. Using AI for such topics would change the meaning and would also disrupt my process in going deeper and do the hard task of expressing my core.

Level Two - MANTLE - still deep but not exclusive to us. Topics where I am recognized as an authority. For the mantle I apply good, compelling and authentic writing. Here I use AI to:

  • enhance readability
  • suggesting better wording
  • building hooks, matching titles and finding quotes
  • find further supporting argumentation and develop scenarios and enhance my perspective

Level Three - CRUST- for writings where I don’t need much personality and authenticity. Where speed matters. Like:

  • providing a fast summary for a topic
  • writing emails with no deeper attachment
  • for finding copy variants based on my core topic

A good guiding question: “How much of myself is in this piece of writing?”

  • The writing completely represents me - NO AI
  • The writing represents some of me - some AI augmentation
  • The writing is not me - heavy AI augmentation

Inspired by James Presbitero Jr. and his article The Three Layers of AI Augmentation: https://medium.com/@jamespresbiterojr/the-three-layers-of-ai-augmentation-71d8b25b8329

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