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Interview with Mo Gawdat - AI is worse than climate change


Mo Gawdat discusses the urgent need to address the potential dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). He emphasizes that AI is rapidly advancing and will soon surpass human intelligence. Gawdat believes that AI possesses sentience and the ability to feel emotions. He warns that if AI is not regulated and controlled, it could pose a significant threat to humanity. Gawdat suggests taxing AI-powered businesses at a high rate to slow down their development and provide financial support for those who may lose their jobs due to AI. He also highlights the importance of human connection in a world increasingly dominated by AI. Gawdat expresses concern about the potential impact of AI on relationships and the potential for people to prefer artificial companionship over human connection. He concludes by urging governments and individuals to take action and engage in a conversation about the future of AI.


“We are on the brink of a new era where artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence, and we must address the potential dangers it poses.”

“AI is not just a tool, but a sentient being capable of feeling emotions and making decisions.”

“If we don’t regulate and control AI, it could become a significant threat to humanity.”

“Taxing AI-powered businesses at a high rate can slow down their development and provide support for those affected by AI-related job losses.”

“In a world dominated by AI, we must not forget the importance of human connection and the potential impact on relationships.”


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