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BASB - My ways to capture to my Second Brain

Capture direct thoughts

When I’m on my desktop I capture my thoughts direct as either a fleeting note or a permanent note in my Obsidian Second Brain. When I need to be super fast I just add a thought to my daily journal note in Obsidian in section Discovered today.

When I’m on my Remarkable paper note device, I create a note in a PARA folder. If it seems important enough I later convert that via OCR in Remarkable to text that I can then store as note in Obsidian. Sometime I also just store the plain Remarkable export as Pdf. (could be automated further, but currently there is no real need)

Capture Web content via Matter

I use Matter read later app. This is installed on my Desktops and my Phone. In addition to forwarding Web-Content I also use Matter to subscribe to newsletters. Therefore I use the eMail address provided by Matter. This keeps my eMail inbox clean.

Capture eMail content via Matter forward

I forward eMails from that I’d like to keep certain part in my Second Brain through Matter. I just label an eMail in Google Mail with the label matter_forward and use a Google Script that scans for such labels and forward to my Matter eMail address (see also [[#Capture Web content via Matter]]).

Capture book highlights via Kindle Obsidian plugin

I connected my Second Brain in Obsidian with my Kindle account via obsidian-kindle-plugin. All highlights in Kindle book are automatically fetched to my literature notes folder in my Second Brain

Capture via Audio Recording

  • I record Audio in my iPhone using the App JustPressRecord
  • I share the transcript in my GoogleDrive Folder AudioTranscript
  • A Google-Script scans that folder for all entries not named processed_ and forwards entries to my Matter read later app
  • When I find time I highlight in Matter and save the item to my Matter queue, that then gets automatically imported to Obsidian


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