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💡How I capture my Ideas, instead of losing them

My ideas often vanished as quickly as they appeared.  Later, I was annoyed that I hadn’t captured my idea right away. That’s why I’ve simplified my approach to capturing thoughts immediately. 

Here are my top 5 ways: ‾‾‾‾‾ ↳ Visual idea? A quick picture does the trick ↳ Quick phone note (any simple notes app will do) ↳ Web pages I need? Forwarded to Matter, to read-later  ↳ Longer thought on the go? Voice memo with Just Press Record ↳ Tasks go straight to my Todoist task manager (available on all devices) ↳ At my desk: Longer thoughts become fleeting notes in my Obsidian note-taking app.

My captured thoughts then become part of my Second Brain: ‾‾‾‾‾ ✪ New projects ✪ Project-related tasks in my Task Manager ✪ Notes connected to my are of responsibilities ✪ Permanent notes for term insights to reference later

I make it super easy to add a new thought.   And I work with a semi-automated flow from the idea to my Second Brain.

I use Matter to automatically send highlights to Obsidian and a central Google Drive to  easily convert notes, transcribed memos, and key pictures into my Obsidian system.

How do you capture ideas? Curious to learn about your approach!

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I lost thoughts, but now I capture them instead

Often new ideas, solutions, things to remember appear and we lost them a minute later because we did not catch it right away.

I simplified my approach to capture thoughts. Here are 5 ways:

  • I immediately take a note on my phone. A simple notes app is just fine.
  • Tasks I immediately add in my Todoist task manager, available on all devices
  • Web pages I forward to Matter, my read later center
  • Often just taking a picture might connect to the idea
  • On the way and having a longer thought - I record a voice memo using Just Press Record
  • At my desk and having a longer thought - I create a fleeting note in my note taking app Obsidian

I regularly process these captured thoughts and they become part of my Second Brain, either as:

  • a new project
  • a note for my areas of responsibility
  • a long term new insights that becomes a permanent note I can refer to later on
  • a task, connected to a project

The key to all approaches:

  • make it as easy as possible to immediately add a thought
  • (semi) automate the flow from having a thought to adding it in your thought processing engine.

Some insights to my automations:

  • all items captured with Matter, every week I scan through, highlight most important aspects and these highlights are automatically important in my Second Brain center Obsidian
  • I add notes, transcribed voice memos, important pictures taken to a central Google Driven that I can automatically convert to notes in my Obsidian

How do you capture your ideas? Curious to learn about further approaches.

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