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What to unlearn in L&D

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🚀 Unlearn to Relearn in L&D 

(Combine virtual collaboration with bite-sized content for powerful learning) 🧠

Imagine mastering skills faster without overwhelming content. 💡

The key to unlocking L&D potential might be unlearning old approaches. Here’s how bite-sized learning changes the game:

Action over theory: Tie learning directly to on-the-job tasks.

Personalized, not generic: Tailored paths for real-world behavior change.

✪ Blend self-paced with social—mix digital modules with group collaboration for deeper engagement. 

✪ Real-life simulations, progress goals, and accountability turn theory into practice. 🎯

This is learning that sticks because it’s instantly relevant.

Consider this:

✪ Implement blended learning where engagement meets relevance. 

✪ What’s the goal? Pin down the essential knowledge and the most dynamic, cost-effective way to get there.

It’s about connecting, growing, and learning together 🌱

Virtual = cost-efficient: Cuts overhead, invests in learners.

Empower on-demand learning: Remove barriers, boost accessibility.

Buy over build (when it makes sense): Leverage high-quality, ready-made solutions.

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Content preparation

People are busy and content heavy formats often don’t work. Offer bite sized learning with digestable learning packages and options to drill down where a topic highly resonates. Best results come from blended approaches of self paced and collaborative learning.

Transform from abstract and generic learning formats and shift to on the job application and aim for connecting learning to adjustments in behavior required in the current context. You can for instance work with real life simulations, with progress goals for immediate implementation and leverage the power of higher individual accountability in group learning settings.

Implement blended learning designs, where engagement AND topic relevancy are combined. What is the learning outcome you aim for? What is the essential knowledge to be acquired and what is the most engaging and affordable way to implement a matching learning format?

Leverage well described collaborative learning approaches that build on realistic practice, human connection, motivation. People learn together and co-construct new knowledge and learn from each other.

Reduce costs in training facility, accommodations and travel by offering live virtual collaborative learning formats.

Remove barriers to learning. Implement a continuous learning culture instead. Provide appropriate learning budgets (best, don’t limit learning at all) and autonomy to self-manage learning. If I have a learning impulse that connect to my current need on the job I would like to have that learning accessible in time. Not waiting for chains of bureaucracy for approval.

Consider buy vs. build. Re-inventing learning formats is cost intense, needs access to content and knowledge in learning design. Buying already implemented learning offers is often a better choice. It is available fast, is on high quality and proven through being applied several times.

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