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The Complete Guide to Writing Midjourney Prompts



  • However, if you are a pro, you can prompt “a full moon of slight yellowish color and a realistic visual of light in the dark sky having many stars on it”. This will give a clear idea of what you really want from the AI.
    • Surrealism: It is an art from the 20th-century literary revolution that explains the depths of your mind. For example, /imagine large turtles in Wonderland, surrealism.
    • A as B: With this prompt, you can create new objects or creatures. For example, /imagine Lion as a Ninja Warrior.
  • Phastasmal iridescent: This will give you a colorful image in a creative way.
  • Paper art: This prompt will help you get artistic paper art from unique creativity.
  • (Subject) out of (material):
  • Isometric art: It is a beautiful and unique way to present 2D objects in a 3D perspective.
  • Layered paper: It gives you a look at different layers by adding various coordinating papers to one another. For
  • naive art, explode objects by Nychos, 3D loop, matric raining, futuristic, cyberpunk style, infographic drawing,
  • Genre/design: Mention the design or genre name in the prompt, like standard, Japanese anime, bloodborne, steampunk, Pixar movie, Waterhouse, cyberpunk, and
  • Artist name: Specify the name of the artist as your style, such as Da Vinci, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and more.
  • light effects, such as volumetric lighting, cinematic lighting, long exposure, softbox lighting, glowing lights,
  • #3. Chaos
  • -chaos 70.
  • mentioning the image quality keywords like 4K, 8K, ultra-detailed, ultra photoreal, intricate details,
    • Red rose flower – -quality 8
  • -ar 4:3. You can only use the standard ratios like 3:2, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, 1:3, 5:1,
  • custom size for your image.
  • -w 800 – -h 350.
  • the “- -no” keyword to remove that object from your image. For example, a cheeseburger – -no sauce
  • Besides, there are other tools that you can use to generate prompts and create unique images.
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