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Advanced Course Design with the 4MAT framework

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🚀 Thrilled to Announce: I’m Now a Certified 4MAT Master! 🚀
After an intensive 3-day journey through the 4MAT Mastering Training Design, I’m officially certified! A huge thanks to Hanne Houbak for leading such an insightful course and Dr Bernice McCarthy for developing this holistic framework.

In just three days, I’ve gained invaluable insights into:
🎨 Designing and planning effective
trainings, workshops, and presentations using the 4MAT learning cycle.
🌟 The four 4MAT learning styles: WHY, WHAT, HOW, and WHAT IF learners.
🧠 The preferences of our cerebral hemispheres: left/right brain.

I’m excited to apply these learnings in my upcoming workshop:
“Amplify Your Second Brain and Digital Garden with AI”
👉 Next week in the NessLabs community

If you’re looking to enhance your course designs or
want to dive deeper into the 4MAT framework, feel free to reach out.

👉 Let’s connect and transform learning experiences together!

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I took the 4MAT Mastering Training Design and I’m now a certified 4MAT Master. Hugh thanks to Hanne Houbak for running such a well crafted course. Thanks Dr Bernice McCarthy for creating such a holistic framework.

I learned so much in 3 days about:

  • the four 4MAT learning styles namely the WHY-WHAT-HOW-WHATIF learners
  • the preferences of the cerebral hemispheres - left/right brain
  • designing and planning trainings, workshops and presentation with the 4MAT learning cycle

And I’ll already apply my learnings to my upcoming workshop: Amplify your Second Brain and Digital Garden with AI that I’ll provide next week in the NessLabs community.

In case you need a helping hand with your course designs and/or would like to get more insights about 4MAT/Learning Types or 4MAT or designing courses/workshops/presentations, please let me know.

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