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Unlock Extraordinary Growth with Tiny Daily Steps

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Unlock Extraordinary Growth with Tiny Daily Steps!
(My 5x Fitness Formula)

Ever wonder how tiny daily actions can transform your life? My secret: consistent fitness. It boosts my creativity, performance, and overall well-being 💪

Not about big leaps, but small daily wins. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Pushing the envelope several times a week, I compare only with one person – the me from yesterday.

Two months into 2024, and the results show:
✪ 30-day exercise streak (54 hours!)
✪ 3000+ active minutes in a month
✪ Celebrating my 900th ride with Peloton - I guess that became now really a habit.
✪ Push-ups: from 11 to 57 in one go!

This wasn’t an overnight transformation. It’s built on the wisdom of:
📚 “Atomic Habits” by James Clear taught me the compounding effect of daily discipline.
📚 “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins instilled the grit to go the extra mile.
📚 “Outlive” by Peter Attia framed my fitness journey within the grander scheme of longevity.

So, what’s your small step today that could lead to a giant leap tomorrow? 💭
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It is so simple … take a small step every day (How I upped my game 5x)

Daily progress matters a lot. And one area where I apply that is my fitness routine. Fitness if for me an important pillar to unlock my full capacity, creativity and bring in my best self every day.

I use progress goals for that. I want to take a tiny step each day. And in order to improve, I push my limits several times a week. I compare me with my my previous self. This way I can learn about my development.

Some insight 2 months into 2024

  • A month with again 30 active days and 54 hours of exercises leading to a 134 weeks streak in total
  • My second month with more than 3000 minutes of exercise activity
  • I just achieved my 900th Peloton cycling moment
  • I pushed my push-up counter from a sets of first run 11, second run 12 to now set with first run 57, second run 24

The fundamentals for my habit forming journey are based on: 📚 Atomic Habits by James Clear - discover the power of small progress each day 📚 Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins - take the extra mile 📚 Outlive by Peter Attia - put it in a wider context

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