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Leverage AI in your team with Langdock

Recently I got to know Langdock https://www.langdock.com/ - the “GDPR ChatGPT for your team” that so much more. The following list of features impressed me right away:

  • I can connect Langdock with my Knowledge Management Systems like Notion, Confluence, Slack,… and more
  • I can easily build prompt Libraries and share that with my team members
  • And Langdock already comes with a growing library of pre-defined prompts
  • I can invite team members to my already defined prompts and we can work on the prompts together
  • I can chose between different LLMs like ChatGPT and Claude and many more
  • It has build in Workflows e.g. for generating awesome mails in currently some pre-defined tone. This will be extended soon
  • I ❤️ the suggestions for follow up prompts

What becomes possible - some use cases

  • We can connect to our knowledge bases and work with existing knowledge (see example below where I work with our Coaching Methodology description)
  • We can co-create in a team
  • It avoids scattered prompts and tough to integrate created insights using e.g. ChatGPT in individual space. As a team we can now share fast and take steps together. Via prompt sharing we also learn fast together, what prompts work.

Some examples from working with Langdock

Working with certain dedicated documents

Answer including nice follow up hints at the bottom

And using such a follow up prompt

Building our prompt library, shared in the team

Workflows e.g. for providing a summary speeds up by leveraging pre-defined prompts and context setting.

Working as a team in Chats together

Some pre-defined prompts

I’m looking forward to next steps of Langdock


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