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Speed of Trust and Leadership

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(Discover 12 trust building tips that help me establishing trust)

What if I told you that the secret to exponential leadership success is a five-letter word? Trust.

Ever noticed how work flows smoother when trust levels are high? How speed is amplified when confidence is mutual? Trust translates directly to speed, reducing costs while scaling efficiency. 📈

The book “Speed of Trust” describes the link between speed and trust. The concept is simple - as trust increases, speed accelerates and cost drops.

↑ Trust = ↑ Speed ↓ Cost

The 4 cores of trust are:
✪ Integrity: Honesty, standing by principles, doing what you say you will do
✪ Intent: Positive motives and behavior
✪ Capabilities: Skills and abilities that evoke confidence
✪ Results: A track record of deeds that builds trust over time

But how do we actively foster trust? It starts with our Attention + Interest + Time we dedicate to form trust.

These 12 trust-building tips work well for me:

  1. Lead with Trust: I offer trust first and only withdraw if it’s misused.
  2. Invest in Relationships: I take time to know others and share my own experiences.
  3. Active Listening: I focus on understanding, not just hearing.
  4. Multilevel Attention: Beyond words, I tune into emotions and context.
  5. Seek Help: Demonstrating that it’s okay not to know everything.
  6. Choose Words Wisely: Every word matters in building trust.
  7. Embrace Perspectives: Being open to different viewpoints.
  8. Praise Genuinely: Specific, eye-level compliments.
  9. Honor Commitments: Reliability builds trust.
  10. Combat Gossip: Privacy and respect are non-negotiable.
  11. Open-Mindedness: Seeking understanding over agreement.
  12. Reflection: Continuously learning and adapting.

Trust is an investment - in myself, in relationships, in leadership.

Have you invested in trust lately? How has it transformed your leadership journey?

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Why: The ability to establish, grow, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders is the key leadership competency.

I value work relationships that are build on hight trust levels. It makes work so much easier flowing and I can bring in my best self, when I can trust my peers and when I have the confidence and feeling that others trust me too. Trust translates to speed and I remember the great book Speed of Trust being an eye opener to understand that link between speed and trust and why it is so crucial to grow trust and invest in trustful relationships.

Expressed via: ↑ Trust = ↑ Speed ↓ Cost

I learned that one can actively invest in growing trust, the confidence I have in someone, including myself.

Trust is based on the 4 cores:

  • Integrity - being honest, standing by principles, do what you say you will do
  • Intent - based on positive motives and behavior
  • Capabilities - that evoke confidence
  • Results - build a track record of deeds

Trust building elements

How: Attention + Interest + Time are a powerful combination for trust building.

12 hints to grow trust:

  • Provide trust first and revoke if misused
  • Genuinely invest in a relationship by getting to know more of the other person and by sharing more of yourself
  • Practice active listing and apply a candid interest in what the other person says
  • Apply attention on three levels - signal that you listen and remove any distractions, listen to the content and aim for understand what is said, listen to emotions expressed
  • Be open and ask for help. It shows that we are brave and that we cannot solve everything by ourselves.
  • Take care on the words you use, reflect
    • Is it true?
    • Is it necessary to address the topic now?
    • Is it based on a friendly intent?
  • Reflect on your immediate reaction and explore further perspectives for a situation.
  • Praise is important but should be based on a concrete behavior and expressed on eye level
  • Walk the talk, ensure that what you say you do, you also actually apply. Keep commitment to others and to yourself
  • Avoid gossip at all cost, so don’t share what was expressed in a private conversation and do not talk behind someones back. What someone shares with you, stays between you (with the important exception when violence is expressed)
  • Be open to what is expressed and check yourself if you aim to understand or if you are just looking for confirmation and mirroring yourself.

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