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Content preparation

  • 77 Posts, 79000 impression, 780 comments analyzed with Julius.ai

High Performing Topics

  • Second Brain, Note Taking and Working with ideas was the topic with highest interest
  • How I worked on my Power MBA was also of high interest
  • Women in Leadership and our Workshop go top results too

Most likes:

  • Celebration of Achievements
  • Self Reflections
  • The topic Curiosity
  • Woman in Leadership

Most comments:

  • Note Taking, Remarkable
  • Remote Work
  • MBA
  • Confidence

Influence of Images, Carousels

  • Compilations are strong
  • Carousels are strong
  • Book Covers work great
  • Models work great
  • Lists and detailed graphs don’t work that well

Low performing topics

  • How to make decisions - a surprise actually
  • Wardley Mapping - likely the term is less known
  • Leadership how to - likely to generic and noisy topic

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