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[[Make your Online Course Raise above the Noise ]]

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Notes from the session

ChatGPT - for writing sales copy (used the AI integration in Notion). This will lead to an extreme content explosion.

So far marketing was the one where people to stuck when getting their course pushed. With ChatGPT this gets much easier.

So one needs to raise above the NOISE

Boil down the message - to what is the core that I have to offer.

  • to my spiky point of view [[What is a spiky point of view]]
  • who are my enemies
  • what is the essence, core
  • premisses I can really deliver on
  • what am I standing for, really

As an expert, I have a hard time simplifying that and explaining that to someone else in simple terms to a non expert.

Nr 1 survival skill: Create a distinct, stand-out message that reflects your authenticity.

Approach 1 - Add the human touch

No one has my unique combination of stories, places, knowledge … the person I am.

It is about reaching the right people, that actually really will benefits from my offer and where I can be my authentic self.

The path of learning starts way before my course. So each early stage interaction also already contributes to the learning.

Approach 2 - Create Intellectual Property (IP)

E.g. the steps that I go through in my program. It is about outlining my methodology and how I’m going about doing things.

It is tough to sell invisible products (like my BASB with Obsidian).

Make it concrete!

So I need to get really conscious about my main IP topics. And then - do I know all the ways that those could be sold?

Identifying and make these attractive to people is core to marketing.

IP … needs to be a better way of doing things

Get clear about how I will defense my framework. Why is it better than others? How does that actually help people?

The Five Lightbulbs marketing methodology (not yet sure what this is about)?

Approach 3 - Drive home one clear message from one hundred angles

So think a lot about the words I use to send a message to someone else. 📖 [[Reality in Advertising - Rosser Reeves]] - includes a study about stickyness.

The one who’s message is the most stickiest in your mind is the one whom you gonna buy from.

How do you become sticky?

Have for myself coherence in my approach/words used in marketing.

Also to prepare for people speaking on my behalf.

Focus on the one thing that is the big needle mover.

About the great course offer by Billy Broas

Pick an Offer … and run it through Keystone

When to best use it?

  • When you have a marketing launch coming up
  • When your marketing needs a refresh
  • When you need to get your team on the same page with your messaging

High level on The Five Lightbulbs

1) Gather insights 2) Add messaging to your messaging map + and derive messages for different channels 3) Create your marketing. (Never start from scratch again)


Connects well to [[What is a spiky point of view]]


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