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How I mastered the PowerMBA in one month

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The PowerMBA is an awesome program to learn about many facets of business that consisted of 9 main modules and is supposed to take about 1 year with 15 minutes daily practice to accomplish. I was hooked by the format and set myself a goal. I wanted to get that knowledge faster and complete that within ONE month. Curious how? Read on…

The nine modules were: ✪ Business Model Innovation ✪ Testing Business Ideas & Learn ✪ Business and Marketing Strategies ✪ Leadership ✪ Entrepreneurship & Fundraising ✪ The Power of Being a (digital) Marketer ✪ Finance & Accounting ✪ HR & Talent Management ✪ Disruptive Tech in Business

I knew that learning all that in one month was a tough goal. I planned my days around my full working days. ✪ I started learning early in the morning, inspired by the 5AM Club, I implemented a 2h learning routine in the morning. And I did the same in the evening. ✪ Depending on my energy levels and mood I also learned daily in the evening for about 2 to 4h. ✪ I booked up to 6h hours on weekends and powered through ✪ I took extensive notes from each session. And after each module I iterated on my notes and did a 2nd stage processing with highlighting and adding more thoughts to it ✪ I used each books recommended and captured key insights via Blinkist ✪ I adjusted the audio speed to 1,5 later on to 1,75. It is fascinated how fast our brain can adjust to that new speed. ✪ And I was able to apply many of the learnings right away in my working context. Through discussions with colleges, through application in workshops and through working with the rich working material provided during the program

Hindsight, this was another example of forming a habit. It had a strong purpose, I added the learning to my daily routine, I learned daily to create the habit.

My reward, daily growing insights into business and my higher competence level to support my organization. I’m deeply satisfied when I can learning something new and can solve higher order problems. And that also helped when I was a little lower on energy and with modules that I did not have the most fun with.

And I want to share a small result from my learning journey with you. Maybe that inspires and helps you learning in direction of business too. I compiled a list of 22 books that I discovered and used throughout the PowerMBA and made the key insights for each book available im my FREE book space, my Personal Curated Library, at Blinkist. Let me know in the comments if you want to gain access and fast track your learning about business.

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