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I’m designing our group coaching sessions. And for each session I fully immerse in the topic, I read a lot, interview people and think about best ways to connect content and exercises in a way that attendees have an exceptional experience and leave sessions with a concrete impulse to apply the learnings right away.

Recently I co-created our Women in Leadership Group Coaching with Katharina. And I deeply connected to how grateful I am to have worked and work with so many great Women in very different leadership dimensions. I’d like to take the time today to thank you for being great role models, for your inspiration, your passion and many great moments.

18 women that had an exceptional influence on my career

Victoria - Thank you for opening the world of product development and fast paced drive for product discovery and creating product outcomes. And especially for listening and for taking care personally as my lead.

Christine D’Ercole - I admire your strength and passion combined with your emotional touch for each Peloton session you coach us. Each PowerZone cycling session creates a special moment for me. And I love your storytelling based on your outstanding achievements.

Katharina Loth - for the co-creation of our leadership pathways I’m so grateful to work with you. Your creativity, your exceptional coaching skills, your passion and love for detail is just awesome.

Caroline - You are powerhouse and a great leader. Thank you for all the support, the freedom you provide, the level of caring personally and your drive for growing our group coaching. It is an honor to work in your team.

Angie - Thanks for your smartness and drive for outcomes. It is inspiring to see you handle so many really different aspects of growing our coaching program. And thanks to Carla for orchestrating our delivery.

Anne Haker - You have been my first Coach and opened the world of Coaching to me. Thank you so much for your systemic approach, for your drive on learning and for being a friend.

Claudia Reinders - You opened to world of great People Development to me. I discovered the importance of working closely with people partners and I followed that approach in each company I worked for since then.

Maria Rische - Thanks for your great people development too. And for your drive in shaping culture and creating a working environment where individuals can thrive.

Sandra Brock - My role model for exceptions Product Leadership. I loved your drive, your approach of connecting people and great stakeholder management and your leadership to create great products

Ramona - Thanks for being such an exceptional developer. It was so much fun working with you and crazy times when working together in a team.

Anne - thanks for hiring me and for the great exchanges about leadership, honest and open dialog and your passion for people.

Nadine - thanks for inspiring me, listening to me, coaching me and being my partner. Deep love, felt daily. I’m gifted.

Evelin - thanks for the passion for product, for your analytical perspective and immense power in building a product

Heike - Thanks for your role model of product leadership, learning in many dimensions and being so curious.

Emily - for being such a passionate marketeer and a great supporter. In each session I benefit from your perspective enhancing skills and you being a great empathetic listener.

Mon - what a powerhouse. Thanks for your drive, your forward thinking and well done challenging of status quo. Your drive for outcomes and connecting to user needs is inspiring.

Laura and Quynh - Thank you for your passion for agile and learning. I remember many great conversations and loved your combination of being a great developer and adding the facet of agility

Anne-Laure Le Cunff - thanks for for great insights in mindful productivity, for your great writings and for building the NessLabs community

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