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Unlock the Secret to Winning Strategies!
(Tired of confusing strategy with tools?)

It is about understanding the essence of strategy, beyond the analytical tools often mistaken for the strategy itself.

The kernel of your strategy is a triad: Diagnosis, Guiding Policy, and Coherent Action.

First, ask, “What’s the real challenge here?” 🧐
Craft hypotheses. Connect the dots. Understand the root cause.

“We’re facing this hurdle because…”

Pinpoint your Crux - the toughest nut to crack that’s holding you back.

Guiding Policy
What are you going to do about this problem?
How can you apply your Source of Power on a target that you can affect?

‘Think Again’. Always question, always analyze.

Coherent Action
Your plan to implement your strategy. Overcome inertia. Make those decisive moves.
Apply laser FOCUS. Prioritize what matters.

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Content preparation

Strategy is about how to overcome high stakes challenges Look at a problem - figure out what makes it hard to solve - find a way to solve it.

Differentiate between Strategy and analytical tools that help to derive a strategy.

  • 7 Powers
  • Wardley Maps
  • Markers-Option-Work
  • Blue Ocean

Strategy Kernel

Diagnosis - Guiding Policy - Coherent Action


What is going on?

  • Hypotheses of what is going on & how things are connected … we have that problem, because …

What is holding you back? The Crux is the hardest part of the problem

Guiding Policy

What are we going to do about this problem? How will we deal with the situation Source of power / advantage / efficiency → focus that power on a target that you can affect

Most important tool: Think Again

Coherent Action

Deal with the problem How to break inertia

Most important tool: Focus


  • Set of wished goals
  • List of the thing you wish to happen
  • Fluff, word salad
  • Incoherent actions
  • goals are not the strategy as they leave out important aspects

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