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Unleash the untapped power of Blinkist

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✨ Unleash the untapped power of Blinkist
(5 Personal Insights to Enhance Your Learning Experience)

As a long-time user and an employee at Blinkist, I’ve come to realize that many are only scratching the surface of its potential. I’d like to share some personal behaviors that could inspire you to extend your use cases and gain maximum benefits too.

✪ Making (Time) Investment Decisions
Blinkist has become my first stop when I come across a non-fiction book. By reading the key insights, I make an informed decision whether to invest in a full deep dive. And for every 20 books I scan on Blinkist, I buy one.

✪ Cross-Topic Learning for Research
A key benefit I’ve found is leveraging cross-topic learning in designing Leadership group coaching sessions. I include summaries from two related books, which not only broadens the discussion but also enhances my understanding of the subject. By dedicating a few hours, I can explore key insights from over ten books, taking notes and saving them to my digital note-taking system. This process opens up a mini-universe of knowledge for each new session, where reading summaries sparks inspiration and discovery. This method offers a unique depth compared to using ChatGPT, though I’m still exploring the nuances of this difference.

✪ Getting Inspired
Blinkist AI has become my tool of choice for discovering new content. By entering a topic of interest, I get three book recommendations that often lead to great new discoveries.

✪ Meaningful Travel Companion
Blinkist is my go-to companion on long car rides. I prepare a ‘Blinkist space’ with titles I want to listen to. Often I also listen to a full Blinkist Guide and explore a topic in more depth. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re immersed in learning something new. And my additional reward is the feeling of having time spent well.

✪ Sharing Insights with others
Blinkist Spaces allow me to share titles with others for free, making it easier to connect on a topic. It’s a wonderful feeling to share knowledge, even if some are yet to fully engage.

In short, I’ve developed several behaviors over the years using Blinkist, and my personal subscription pays off. I hope my insights inspire you to explore Blinkist in new ways and get the most out of your learning journey.

What are your Blinkist habits that have proven beneficial? I’d love to hear about them!

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Content preparation

I noticed through many observations in user interviews and conversations with friends and relatives that many started using Blinkist but do not leverage it’s full potential. I run an experiment to learn about my usage. As employee at Blinkist, I’m given a free Blinkist access too. But I decided to also have my own paid account. This way I can understand, if I get enough value from it through my usage and can get much better in a users perspective. Let me share some of my behaviors I build over years of using Blinkist to inspire you to extend your use cases and get more benefits too.

1) Make a time investment decsision For me Blinkist became the first option when I discover a non fiction book and want to know more about. I discover many new books, while reading articles, while watching presentations and especially while reading other books. As time is limited I need to control my appetite and be very selective in what books I want to invest a full deep dive. So I first search in Blinkist for the title and read through the key insights. I already take highlights and integrate these highlights to my Second Brain. If I discovered really new insights and want to dive deeper, then I also buy the book. This read to buy ratio is about 20:1. The use case is to make a more informed time investment decision.

2) Support my research and wide range learning on a topic A second strong use case I observed is for cross topic learning. When I’m designing our Leadership group coaching sessions, I also embed two Blinks that connect well to the topic of the course. In addition I can also extend my insights on the topic, find exercises, get multiple perspectives and with a time invest of some hours I can scan many key insights, often from more than 10 books. I take highlights in each books and export these highlights to my Second Brain. This way I can then rediscover and leverage a lot of my already existing knowledge. A small world for each new session appears and reading through Blinks adds a component of inspiration and discovery. And this experience is deeper and different from working with ChatGPT for this use case. (although I need to dive deeper to analyzing the difference here)

3) Getting inspired on further content for a topic Another use case is getting inspired. I love playing with Blinkist AI (available in the Web version and you automatically have the web version when you use the Blinkist app. I put the link in the comments too). I just put the topic I’m interested in there and get 3 recommendations. And often I discover interesting titles that I can scan through right away. And the benefit of Blinkist AI is that it has access to all the Blinks available and can provide a more advanced match than AI alternatives that so far have no access to the real books or such extended book summaries).

4) Spent my time meaningfully when traveling by car Blinkist is my companion when I’m on a longer car ride. For such traveling activities I actively prepare a Blinkist space and add titles that I want to listen too. I find it fascinating how time flies and how one can listen and explore new topics. Sometimes I also just follow the recommendation flow from Blinkist to have more random discoveries. And it became much better with that recently. My reward in that situation is the feeling of having spent time well. Especially in a car, where one only has limited engagement capabilities.

5) Sharing insights with others I love having Blinkist Spaces that allow me to share titles with others, without the need for them to have a paid Blinkist account too. That makes connecting on a topic so much easier. Although I observe that some do not yet follow through. I guess that often relates to not fully understanding that one can really access that shared content for free.

So in summary, I established several behaviors over the years of using Blinkist, where I really have an added value and my own subscription pays off.

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