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Course Notes - Eliminate unconscious bias at work

Unconscious bias

Who are you?

  • from these - What might cause a bias in you?
  • from these - What might cause a bias in others towards you?

Where does the bias come from?

  • e.g. social interaction group, long time learning

What is my origin story behind a bias I have?

4 steps to tackle unconscious bias

1) Identify bias 2) Cultivate connection (reach out) 3) Choose courage 4) Apply to entirety of a career / talent lifecycle

One needs to show vulnerability in all 4 steps.

Identify bias

Exercise What? When? (see above)

Cultivate connection

Work with empathy and curiosity to get behind own assumptions.

Mentoring and coaching can be of great help here.

Choose courage

Take the courage to understand where I am biased. Ask: What am I thinking.

Apply to full talent lifecycle

So from recruitment through development, promotions,…

Impact of behaviors model

Use this model to access own feeling on a topic and also to understand others positioning.

The identity model


  • information
  • experience
  • education
  • context
  • culture
  • innate (given from birth)

Four pillars of courage

1) Courage to identify bias 2) Courage to cope … so when someone is of the receiving end of a bias 3) Courage to be an ally and help other 4) Courage to be an advocate

Consider to audit your network

Titles to consider

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