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I can observe a low investment in continuous learning. I observe people being overwhelmed with all the input. At the same time I experience AI everyday and based on its current capabilities and AI’s rapid development there should be an immediate need to heavily learn, unlearn and adjust to the changing world.

Are we in a state of equilibrium? Are we at risk of not adapting quickly enough?

I for myself feel challenged by all the changes at the same time and often find it tough to pick an angle to start from. Combined with a huge overload on learning material where choice paralysis takes place.

What works for me is to get started. I learn about AI everyday. I take small steps, experiment and grow my AI capabilities through these learnings. I adapted the thinking pattern: How could I solve a task using AI and usually start to work with AI and my current knowledge reference points. I discover my direction while learning, rather than having it dictated by a too narrowly defined goal.

Being an expert in personal knowledge management and having my massively grown Second Brain with a lot of my knowledge externalized and accessible to build upon is an advantage to learn fast, connect with existing knowledge and derive a direction while learning. And this is a huge advantage leveraging AI too. In recent post I explained how I can now work with an AI layer on top of my personal knowledge. And on meta level I can learn about AI with a rapid learning approach.

Combined and largely enabled by my Second Brain I learn in public via my digital garden and these LinkedIn posts. I leverage to ask questions and to connect with people outside of my circle of competence. I practice early sharing of discoveries with everyone. Everyone contributes to the creation of new nodes and the addition of new connections between existing nodes, leading to new ideas and new bridges across our islands of knowledge.

I want to support you on your path and I would love to learn from your needs and your current challenges with leveraging AI.

Do you sense the need to get started with AI, but just don’t know yet where and how to start? Are you interested in growing your AI knowledge fast and to leverage your growing and existing knowledge faster and better? Do you want to adapt quickly?

Let’s connect. Please add your thoughts in the comments and/or write me a direct message and let’s connect on the path of learning about AI.

Inspired by Anne Laure Le Cunff - Chaos surfing, from surving to thriving in chaotic times.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-03-11_Mon


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