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How I grab your attention on LinkedIn - 77 Posts Learning Recap

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How I grab your attention on LinkedIn
(📊 My insights from 77 posts, 78K impressions, and 780 comments analyzed with Julius.ai)

✪ ‘Second Brain’ and note-taking concepts connected with AI topped the charts, sparking rich discussions.
✪ My Power MBA journey resonated deeply
✪ ‘Women in Leadership’ with high engagement too

Most Likes for posts celebrating achievements and self-reflection.

Highest engagement with?
✪ My Insightful note-taking and mastering knowledge management tips
✪ The evolving landscape of remote work
✪ Building confidence

Compilations, carousels, book covers and succinct models work best for me.
While lists and complex graphs miss the mark.

Surprisingly, ‘How to make decisions‘, ‘Wardley Mapping’ and ‚Leadership‘ fell flat. Perhaps terms are too niche, some topics too broad.

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Content preparation

  • 77 Posts, 79000 impression, 780 comments analyzed with Julius.ai

High Performing Topics

  • Second Brain, Note Taking and Working with ideas was the topic with highest interest
  • How I worked on my Power MBA was also of high interest
  • Women in Leadership and our Workshop go top results too

Most likes:

  • Celebration of Achievements
  • Self Reflections
  • The topic Curiosity
  • Woman in Leadership

Most comments:

  • Note Taking, Remarkable
  • Remote Work
  • MBA
  • Confidence

Influence of Images, Carousels

  • Compilations are strong
  • Carousels are strong
  • Book Covers work great
  • Models work great
  • Lists and detailed graphs don’t work that well

Low performing topics

  • How to make decisions - a surprise actually
  • Wardley Mapping - likely the term is less known
  • Leadership how to - likely to generic and noisy topic

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