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Unengaded Stakeholders at Sprint Review



  • The Scrum Team presents the results of their work to key stakeholders and progress toward the Product Goal is discussed.
  • Sprint Review is Empiricism at work: inspect the Product Increment and adapt the Product Backlog.
  • They do not understand the importance of the Sprint Review :Waste of time: Your stakeholders do not feel seen, heard, or respected.
  • Missing stakeholder reviews can lead to:
    • diminishing level of trust between the stakeholders on the one side and the Scrum team on the other.
    • stakeholders might be tempted to exert more control over the development process by “tightening the leash,” for example, by demanding detailed reports to satisfy their information needs or setting arbitrary deadlines.
  • Also helpful is embracing radical transparency regarding what the Scrum team does and over-communication in every aspect. Also, please include them in the product discovery and Product Backlog management processes.
    • Shift & Share is an excellent Liberating Structure microstructure for that purpose.


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