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Week 1 - Assignment

Time to get to work: $10K Task Audit

Step 1: Task Dump

Write down all the things that you currently are working on, that you should be working on or that you want to work on

Step 2: Assign a $10K Value

  • Label all the tasks that you could do hungover with $10
  • Next, scan your list for those activities that would be 10x as impactful. Those are your $100 tasks.
  • One step further down the line, it’s time to think about things that are 100x more impactful. A good rule of thumb: tasks that require a special skillset. These are $1000 tasks.
  • Lastly, $10K work. It’s hard to pin down, but a good starting point is this question: if I think about where I want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years, what will actually get me there?

Step 3: Pick a $10K Task to work on

Now take a look at your $10K tasks. Each day, commit 25 minutes to work on one of those tasks.


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