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Getting Started with your Second Brain

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Post at LinkedIn Unlock Smarter Learning: Three Steps to Start with Your Second Brain 🧠

Do you find yourself forgetting important details from
webinars, conferences, or books shortly after?
Is all the information you learn starting to feel like a jumbled mess?

You’re not alone. Most people I talk to express dissatisfaction their current approach to learning.

Three years ago, I faced the same challenges.
After 20 years of professional experience, college, and school,
it was hard to connect and build on my knowledge.

Two main discoveries changed that for me:
↳ Obsidian:
This powerful note-taking app allows you to visualize your thoughts as a connected network. It’s comprehensive, adaptable, and incredibly user-friendly.

↳ The Second Brain Methodology:
This approach gave me a structured way to organize my knowledge for better understanding, retention and APPLICATION.

Here’s how you can start with 3 simple steps:

1️⃣ Dive into Obsidian. Install the app and start to externalize your thoughts.
Check out Nick Milo’s Obsidian for Beginners to get up and running in less than 15 minutes.

2️⃣ Organize with PARA.
Begin structuring your notes using the PARA method as outlined by Tiago Forte his fast start guide (https://lnkd.in/ePfkxmbQ).
Start small with one or two current projects and expand gradually.

3️⃣ Start to apply the Second Brain Principles. Get your C.O.D.E
Understand the Second Brain approach by reading Tiago Forte’s introductory guide on how to — Capture, Organize, Distill, and Express — your thoughts. (https://lnkd.in/etqHs55w)

With these steps, you’ll lay the foundation for smarter learning and better knowledge retention. And - You’ll likely find the journey both fun and exciting.

👉Feel free to reach out if you need guidance along the way. Let me know how your journey progresses!

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How to start your Second Brain with 3 simple steps

When I talk with people about their approach to learning and if they are happy how they retain knowledge and apply the learnings I often hear about dissatisfaction. A low ability to leverage the learnings, scattered information, low rate to retain what was learned just some days after the learning.

And at the same time, we got stuck in our approach to learning. Asking why, even extended with showing the alternative of working with a Second Brain leads the main answer I receive - I don’t know where to start. Combined with - this seems like a lot of effort.

I have been at this point 3 years ago. Scattered knowledge from 20 year professional career + 4 years college + 12 years school. Less connected, not easy to build upon, with a high rate of being forgotten or at least with a high initial effort to retain. I was not happy with that.

Two things changed my mind:

  • I discovered Obsidian and was immediately fascinated by the notes graph and visualizing a network of my thoughts. I found this comprehensive, low cost tool, that made me independent, is highly adaptable and easy to learn
  • Short thereafter I discovered the Second Brain methodology, the provided me with a structured and starting point

I found my starting point … maybe it can be you’s too?

Imagine better retention, far higher level of applying knowledge and all with an approach you can implement right away.

Here are 3 steps how you can start with smarter learning now:

  • Install and start your first notes with Obsidian. To get you started in under 15’ - I recommend to have a look on Nick Milo’s Obsidian for Beginners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgbLb6QCK88&list=PL3NaIVgSlAVLHty1-NuvPa9V0b0UwbzBd

Play with Obsidian, create several notes, connect them with each other and get a basic feeling of how to work with it. To get this initial overview Create your initial PARA structure and start to organize your first notes. I recommend to start with 1-2 projects you are actually engaging with. AndHere you get the impulses you can follow and C.O.D.E your own, unique Second Brain.

I promise rich discoveries, fun along the way and likely some challenges. Let me know how it goes and leave me a DM if you might need a helping hand.

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