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How I Extract Maximum Value From Every eBook in 5 steps

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✨How I Extract Maximum Value From Every eBook in 5 steps
(and find your Easter Egg🥚)

Ever read an amazing eBook but worried you’ll forget the key points? I just finished Kieran Drew’s guide on irresistible content and wanted to maximize my takeaways.

Here’s my 5-step CODE system for making your eBook insights stick:
1) Capture: Read & annotate on your eReader (mine’s a ReMarkable)
2) Organize: Store notes in your “second brain” (Obsidian for me)
3) Distill: Write a summary of YOUR key insights
4) Express: Share your learnings (like this post!)
5) Amplify: Use AI tools for deeper analysis (I leverage Obsidian Smart Connections)

Bonus: Find the hidden Easter egg 🥚 in my slides!

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Content preparation

I just read Kieran Drews highly valuable eBook with 10 tips to make your content irresistible. But how can I make sure that I leverage that reading? Will I remember these 39 pages?

To make key insights from the eBook stick, I processed it through my Capture-Organize-Distill-Express flow.

I share 5 steps to convert your eBooks to your knowledge and amplify with AI. (AND… find your little Easter Egg 🥚 inside the slides)

You can CODE your knowledge this way: ✪ Capture your eBook to Read+Annotate on ReMarkable (or your eBook device) ✪ Organize the annotated version in your Second Brain. I use Obsidian. ✪ Write your Distilled Version that summarizes your Key Insights. This is your unique extraction and based on what is important for you. ✪ Express via Working Out Loud. I use my digital garden and for example this LinkedIn post. A first instance of applying my learnings. ✪ Amplify with AI. Explore new connections, get a super distilled version. I use Smart Connections in Obsidian.

Rule of One

Problem: Make key insights from eBooks stick Solution: CODE and amplify AI Story: my approach One call: Follow me

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