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holistic learning experience with 4MAT designed workshops

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🌟 Your holistic learning experience with 4MAT designed workshops 🌟

I used the 8 octants of the 4MAT Model to design a workshop that creates a holistic learning experience.

The attached slides show a sneak preview for the session design for the upcoming workshop:
— Amplify your Second Brain and Digital Garden with AI — provided next week on 04.06. in the Ness Labs community.

Here the 8 octants on an overview
(I recommend to read in parallel with the slides to connect to an example):

🔹 1. Connect (Why/Feel) 🔹
Start with a personal story or a surprising fact to connect emotionally with your audience.
This sets the stage by highlighting the importance and relevance of the content.

🔹 2. Attend (Why/Think) 🔹
I use engaging questions or reflective prompts.
To encourage participants to think about their own experiences related to the topic.
This deepens their curiosity and involvement.

🔹 3. Image (What/Feel) 🔹
I ask attendees to explore what becomes possible.
This helps participants create mental images that enhance understanding and retention.

🔹 4. Inform (What/Think) 🔹
I present clear, structured information through lectures, demonstrations, or readings.
To build a solid knowledge foundation.

🔹 5. Practice (How/Feel) 🔹
I embed hands-on activities where participants can practice new skills.
In a collaborative setting!

🔹 6. Extend (How/Think) 🔹
I encourage participants to apply what they’ve learned to real-world scenarios.
Offering different routes, tailored to individual learning styles

🔹 7. Refine (What if/Feel) 🔹
🔹 8. Perform (What if/Think) 🔹
I challenge participants to innovate and experiment with their new knowledge.

👉 Maybe we’ll see each other next week?

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