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I struggle at least 3x per week with my daily commitments

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I struggle at least 3x/week with my daily commitments
(But here is how you can follow through)

My motivation varies wildly. Partially on the edge to struggle with my daily commitments. But you want to stay committed and I found an approach that helps.

I stack motivations! And I tie my routines to my higher purpose turning them into high-intention rituals.

My 5 AM writing routine can be tough, but here’s how I stay on track:
📌 Higher Purpose Tie-In: Sharing my journey to benefit others fuels my consistency and grows our smart learning community.

Motivation Stack:
✪ I want to inspire and build community with you.
✪ Writing daily helps me get there, even in small steps.
✪ The feeling of connection keeps me going.

My workout routine (yoga, pushups, Peloton) needs a serious motivation boost sometimes. Here’s my combo:
📌 Higher Purpose Tie-In: Investing in my health & longevity is the ultimate reason to keep showing up.

Motivation Stack:
✪ Yoga eases me in and feels good.
✪ I track each day’s progress for small wins.
✪ Love those Peloton badges & hitting monthly goals!
✪ Feeling strong and energized afterward is the best.

So, what’s your motivation stack? Share it below, let’s inspire each other to build unbreakable habits!

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What’s the one routine you struggle with most?
How could you stack motivations to make it a non-negotiable?

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One person: A motivation builder

My motivation can heavily vary each day. Sometimes on the edge to struggle with my daily commitments. But you want to hold true to your daily commitments and I found an approach that helps you to stay committed and follow trough.

I stack motivations! And I pin my routines to my higher purpose to that they become rituals with high intentionality.

2 examples: My daily morning writing habit is build around getting up each morning 5 o’clock and writing for 2-3 hours. Especially with the recent time shift I can sense the lacking motivation. Time to activate the motivation stack:

  • Connect to my higher purpose: It is to connect with You and share my experience, to inspire you and build a community around smart learning. Writing is one important step. I know that it builds over time. I know what it feels to be connected. It feels good when I express my thoughts and grow through writing each day.

My daily exercise routine. Yoga + PushUps + Peloton Cycling. And my motivation especially for the PushUps part can vary really heavily. The motivation stack:

  • Higher purpose - Longevity. Each days investment in strength building, mental fitness and endurance paves my road to stay healthy and be happy.
  • Motivation Stack: Ease into it with Yoga. Feels great, Warms up. Record each days progress and be patient to accept a plateau. I love my progress badges and small celebrations. E.g breaking through my 200 4 minute pushup limit, reach each months 3000 minute exercise goals. Especially Peloton does that really well. I know what it feels like after the exercise. I’m in good mood, muscles and brain activated, ready to conquer the day.

What is your motivation stack?

My daily exercise routine and 2 examples - pushups and cycling

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