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9 Tips how I learn in Sync with my Brain

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9 Tips how I learn in Sync with my Brain 🧠

I regularly refine my approach to learning because learning tools and knowledge are constantly changing.

Here’s what works for me:
↳ Curiosity is key!
↳ Find or create patterns.
↳ Balance focus with breaks.

↳ Use visuals or create my own.
↳ Connect learning with emotions.
↳ Group knowledge for easy recall.

↳ Take time for deeper understanding.
↳ Challenge myself, but avoid overwhelm.
↳ Link new knowledge to what I already know.

Small tip: Next time you learn, embed a 15-minute mind wandering break.
Remove any distractions and just relax or do a light exercise.
Watch how new thoughts for your learning evolve.

What’s YOUR best learning tip? Please share in the comments!

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Content preparation

I consider 9 aspects for improving my daily learning (supported by my Second Brain approach)

I learn a lot, but I also have to regularly reflect on my approach to learning, because our tools and knowledge about learning evolve fast.

While studying many sources about Learning How to Learn I found 9 points that increase our learning capabilities.

9 points for optimal brain connectivity :

  • I link the material to be learned with something I already know
  • I look for connecting the learning content with emotions
  • I look for patterns or create them
  • I cluster knowledge to areas or groups to provide an easy to access anchor to it
  • I learn in a zone where I probably will be successful - with stretching my comfort zone
  • I take time until I really understand something to avoid the illusion of competence
  • I work with images, best by creating my own visualizations
  • I look for what is new and makes me curious
  • I switch between phases with high focus and breaks to leverage the mode of focussed and diffused learning

What works best for you when you have to learning something?

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