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Notes from Blinkist Collection - Beat anxiety in 9 days

Notes from Breathing for Health


  • breathing has a Body-Mind-Connection
  • Our breathing reflects the way that we feel
    • if we have no reason whatsoever to feel stressed or anxious, but we’re breathing in a stressed or anxious way, it’s going to cause us to feel stressed or anxious
  • breathwork is any time you become aware of your breathing and then use it purposefully
  • we were able to increase vagal tone over a 20 minute breathing session. Not just a little bit, not even just doubling it, which by itself would be crazy. We increased it by nearly 600%.
  • Our physical and mental actions and behaviors are completely interconnected and building a breathwork habit can help with both
  • An emotion is simply a chemical reaction that happens and creates certain sensations. And then we group those sensations together and we define that as a feeling or an emotion

Notes from How to improvise


  • History, music and neuroscience all suggest you may produce some of your best work by learning to let go
  • He would research, draft, redraft, memorise, finally deliver with passion.
  • Improvisers shut down their inner critics and allow new ideas to flow out, escaping their internal restraints.
  • They’re letting go. The improvising brain is disinhibited,
    • That is why improvisers can produce flashes of pure brilliance.
  • Too much filtering can squash our creativity
  • improvisation as the freedom and space to hear things.
    • Let go of your inhibitions and give yourself what Miles Davis called the freedom and space to hear things.
  • So the lesson here is not to abandon all preparation, but at a certain point, all of your meticulous preparations may become a constraint.
  • You may be surprised what you can achieve when you quiet your inner critic and stop holding back.
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