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Team Development


Team Development

When might this be relevant to you?

This can help you when you have question like

  • I which phase is my team?

  • What could be next steps toward forming a high performing team?

Potential usages

  • Analyze your team’s development stage

  • Plan and implementation for next steps with your teams

My offer

Consult with team development related topics. Applying OODA to further tune your team collaboration.

Where did I apply that?

  • led several teams

  • references to Team of Teams, Team Genuis, 5 dysfunctions of a team

My level of expertise



[[38.43 Teams]] (a MOC for teams and knowledge around teams) [[Accelerate]] [[Agile Career Development]] [[Agile Organisationsentwicklung]] [[Agile Teams lösungsfokussiert coachen]] [[Agilität neu denken]] [[Creating Great Teams]] [[Holacracy]] [[Mythical Man-Month, Anniversary Edition, The]] [[Organisation für Komplexität]] [[Out of Office]] [[Radical Candor]] [[Radical Focus]] [[Schwarmdumm]] [[Simple Rules]] [[S02 Blinkist/Archive/213 My Agile Coach offers/10-19 Meta/SMART Goals]] [[Systemische Interventionen]] [[Team]] [[Team Genius]] [[Team of Teams]] [[Team Topologies]] [[The Culture Game]] [[The Fifth Discipline]] [[The Primes]] [[The SPEED of Trust]] [[S01 Personal/030-039 Areas/38 Agile/38.43 Teams/What are Self-Managing Teams-]] [[Wir sind Chef]] [[Work Rules!]] [[Work Together Anywhere]]

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