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Book list to find out Jobs to be Done


To Find the Outcome and Job for your customers:

✅ Jobs to Be Done: Theory to Practice - Tony Ulwick

✅ The Jobs to be Done Playbook - Jim Kalbach

To Explain The Value of Behavior in an Organization:

✅ Applying Behavioral Science to the Private Sector Dr Helena Rubinstein

✅ The Behavior Business - Richard Chataway

✅ Ripple - Jez Groom

✅ Behavioral Insights - Michael Hallsworth

To understand and Apply Frameworks of Behavior:

✅ The Behavior Change Wheel - Susan Michie Robert West

✅ Design for How People Think - John Whalen, PhD

✅ Design for Behavior Change - Stephen Wendel

✅ Start at the Why - Matt Wallaert

✅ Engaged - Amy Bucher

To Apply Theory of Psychology

✅ Self Determination Theory - Ryan Deci

To understand and apply and design services, products and experience in organizations:

✅ Thinking in Systems - Donella Meadows

✅ The Invincible Company + Testing business ideas ( and really all books by Strategyzer)- Alexander Osterwalder David Bland et.al

✅ Winning at New Products - Dr. Robert G. Cooper

✅ The Experience Centric Organization- Simon Clatworthy

✅ This is Service Design Doing - Marc Stickdorn , Adam StJohn Lawrence , Markus Edgar Hormeß et.al

✅ Continuous Discovery Habits - Teresa Torres

✅ The Service Innovation Handbook - Lucy Kimbell

For Gamification and Habits in Products

✅ Actionable Gamification- Yu-kai Chou

✅ Hooked - Nir Eyal

For Lit reviews:

✅ How to Read a Paper - Trish Greenhalgh

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