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📌Knowledge not shared is knowledge lost!

Inspired by a workshop from the NessLabs community,
I reflect on the power of learning in public.

Here’s what You? and I gain from learning in public:
↳ Habit Formation: It helps me form consistent learning habits
↳ Quick Assistance: I can share insights quickly, helping you take the next step
↳ Daily Accountability: Posting daily keeps me learning continuously and fuels my curiosity
↳ Networking: Engaging with your thoughts connects me to new perspectives and old companions
↳ Valuable Feedback: Your feedback helps me understand what resonates and what needs clarity
↳ Inspiration: If I inspire even one person, it’s worth it.
Have you felt a spark from my posts? Let me know!
↳ Structured Learning: Sharing publicly makes my learning more organized and expressive, leading to better retention

I learn in public by:
→ Digital Gardening: Growing and sharing ideas
→ Public Workshops: Hosting sessions on various topics
→ Daily LinkedIn Posts: Sharing insights and engaging with you
→ Cohort-Based Trainings: Joining programs like Building a Second Brain
→ Community Contributions: currently participating in NessLabs, AIExchange

Areas I’m working on:
⚙️Sharing failures: Discussing what doesn’t work
⚙️Starting with my focussed newsletter: connecting deeply and sharing more thoughts
⚙️Publishing widely: engaging on more platforms to leverage different levels of engagement

What’s your experience with learning in public?
What is one thing that is holding you back? Let’s connect and learn together!

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7 advantages I gain from learning in public

From a workshop about Learning in Public by the NessLabs community I got inspired to share my experience from learning in public.

Knowledge not shared is knowledge lost!

Let’s look at advantages and my sources for learn in public.

Advantages of sharing in public:

  • Posting daily holds me accountable to learn continuously and that feeds my curiousity path to happiness
  • it creates a level of commitment and helps me forming my learning habits
  • I might inspire someone - and one person, getting an impulse from a topic I write about is already worth the effort and can create a butterfly effect. Maybe you got an inspiration already by me? Let me know!
  • it is a driver for a more structured learning and expressing - I’m learning more, take more notes and advance from just capturing ideas to expressing thought. Leading to better knowledge retention.
  • I learn from feedback - about topics that create interest, about format types that resonate, about clarity and about
  • I get to know people like you? And I love re-connecting with companions. These small surprises when contacts me, that I’ve had the honor to work with in the past
  • You get connected with other perspectives, that enrich the picture and lead to further learnings
  • I can help you with certain topics quite fast. Often I can just share a summary for a topic and talk through it shortly and help you taking a next step

  • my daily LinkedIn posts and engaging with thoughts from others
  • growing my digital garden
  • contributing in great communities like NessLabs and AIExchange
  • running public workshops (e.g. Smarter Learning, Winning with Remote Teams, Mastering the Art of Feedback, Second Brain and AI)
  • joining cohort based trainings (e.g. Building a Second Brain)
  • rarely through youtube and slideshare presentation

3 things I want to improve:

  • sharing failures with approaches
  • need to publish in further sources, where deeper engagement happens
  • start with a valuable newsletter to connect with my audience even better and go deeper with thoughts

What is your experience with Learning in Public? Or is there something holding you back? Let’s connect and learn together!

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