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Myth: I’m not actually qualified to be creating a course

Your perspective, your viewpoint — those have all been influenced by your life experiences

Myth: My course has to be perfect before I can launch it

In fact, the only way to create something perfect is through iteration. And how do you iterate? By getting feedback. The only way to create something good is to first put it out there, then let people interact with it.

Myth: No one will buy my course unless I have tons and tons of course content ready to go at launch

Launching a course like developing software: Come up with a minimum viable course, test it, get feedback, make improvements, and launch again.

Planning a launch (never mind actually launching) is a complex, overwhelming, and time-consuming process.

If you try to do everything, you run the risk of doing everything at 50%. So instead of even attempting that, I would encourage you to be selective. Be super picky! Pick and choose the few strategies that feel right for you, your audience, and the course that you’re launching, and then go do those few things well.

Myth: I’ve had a failed launch in the past, so I will fail again

We’ve all failed: I’ve done it, all the people you look up to with 7-figure businesses, we have all had flopped launches

I get students saying that I am changing their life. And I’m not saying this to brag about myself — I’m saying that you can also change someone’s life. Whatever it is that you know, that you can share with someone else, can change someone’s life.

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