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6 Steps to Active Learning from Podcasts

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6 Steps to Active Learning from Podcasts 🧠✨

Tired of podcasts fading into background noise?

Boost your learning from podcasts and unlock new insights with these 6 easy steps…

1: Handwritten notes on my reMarkable. With 1.5x speed.
2: Digitize with ChatGPT’s image-to-text converter turns scribbles into searchable text in a snap.
3: Add to my Second Brain in Obsidian, enriched with highlights.
4: Connect the dots. Linking new insights with old, my Second Brain grows wiser with each addition.
5: Publish to my Digital Garden. Sharing is caring, and my growth is no secret. 🌐🌱
6: Application is king. Whether it’s a LinkedIn post or a project, I put my learnings to the test. (check out this post from a Podcast about Good Strategy, Bad Strategy - https://lnkd.in/egh_Fcr8)

By weaving together technology and personal insight, each step builds upon the last, turning a simple podcast listen into a goldmine of insights.

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Content preparation

Through the following 6 steps I transform from passive listening to a Podcast to actively applied knowledge.

1) I take hand written notes while listening to the Podcast (Bonus: Listen with 1.5x speed) 2) Convert notes to digital text using ChatGPT image to text converter 3) Add a new note to my Second Brain in Obsidian and take highlights - make it tangible for the next time I will use it 4) Link to existing notes in my Second Brain - reflect on the insights and wire it with existing knowledge 5) Publish the notes in my publicly available Digital Garden - write in public 6) Express my knowledge e.g. in Form of a LinkedIn post - a first application of my new learnings

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