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The 5 books that had the highest impact on me

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Have you ever picked up a book that left an indelible imprint on your mind?🤔 A book that nudged you to see the world in a different light and helped you grow as a person?

For me, these 9 books did exactly that. Each of them infused a thought, a new perspective that has been shaping my actions and behavior ever since:

📖 The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck 🌱 Love means mutual growth.

📖 Mindset by Carol Dweck 🌱 I discovered the power of learning and growth is within me.

📖 How to take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens 🌱 The art of smart note-taking and a big influence for the structure of my Second Brain.

📖 Radical Candor by Kim Scott 🌱 Great leadership requires radical candor; Care Personally and Challenge Directly.

📖 Simple Rules by Donals Sull and Kathleen m. Eisenhardt 🌱 Simplicity can outperform complexity.

📖 Your network is your net worth by Porter Gale and Guy Kawasaki 🌱 I discovered the Give-Give-Get mindset and the importance of creating Win-Win-Win situations.

📖 The Why Cafe by John Strelecky 🌱 I discovered my Big 5 for life and it transformed my life.

📖 How to measure anything by Douglas W. Hubbard 🌱 Broadened my perspective on measurements.

📖 Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres 🌱 Early-stage product development and fast experimentation can lead to significant business outcomes.

But here’s the catch! ⭐ From these 9 enlightening reads available on Blinkist, I am opening my Book Space (think of it as my Personal Curated Library) to you.

👉 Share in the comments your most influential book 📚 for a chance to access my Book Space for free.

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Storyline: Since I started my professional career back in 2001 I read 100+ books and each book had an influence on me. But some had an outstanding one. Each of my favorite 9 books implanted a thought, that shaped my behavior and actions until today. That is such an important value I gain from reading. Connecting to the rich experience of others and growing my own world of thoughts.

My 9 most influencial books are:

📖 The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck Insight: A love relationship means that you growth at each other

📖 Mindset by Carol Dweck Insight: One can learn anything and growth is possible

📖 How to take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens Insight: Opened the world of smart note taking and heavily influence my Second Brain structure

📖 Radical Candor by Kim Scott Insight: Great leadership requires radical candor feedback - to care personally and challenge directly

📖 Simple Rules by Donals Sull and Kathleen m. Eisenhardt Insight: Look for smart simplifications and a set of simple rules is by far better than complex regulations.

📖 Your network is your net worth by Porter Gale and Guy Kawasaki Insight: Create Win:Win:Win situations and work with a Give-Give-Get mindset

📖 The Why Cafe by John Strelecky Insight: I found my Big 5 for Live based on the impulse in that book

📖 How to measure anything by Douglas W. Hubbard Insight: Extended my perspective on measurements

📖 Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres Insight: Opened the world of early stage product development and fast experimentation super focused on Business Outcomes and user opportunities

And I have a surprise for you. From the 9 books mentioned that are also available with the key insights on Blinkist, I will make available in my Book Space (think of it like my own Personal Curated Library which I can lend books to you for free). To get access, please share one your most influential books in the comments.

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