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Unlock the Power of Hybrid Note-Taking! 📝✨
(7 Years & 5000 Pages: My Remarkable Journey)

Ever felt like traditional note-taking was holding you back?
I did—until I discovered a game-changer for my workflow. Here’s a glimpse into my 7-year odyssey with the Remarkable tablet.

Imagine flipping through 5000 pages that capture your intellectual evolution.
My notes capture thoughts I’ve had while using my Remarkable for:

✪ One-on-ones, allowing me to staying present—less fumbling, more engaging

✪ Reflection - the digital “paper” ignites my creative spark in a way a screen never could

✪ Sketching - with markers, arrows, and scribbles in my notes that bring ideas to life

✪ Reading and annotating PDFs on that crisp, large display

I organize my 1000+ notebooks using the PARA principle – a crucial part of my Second Brain.
When I want deeper integration with my digital notes, I import them to my Obsidian hub.

Looking ahead, I’m excited about AI advancements like ChatGPT for text recognition to streamline my process even more.

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Content preparation

My perfect combination of hand written notes and digital extensions (Reflecting on 7 years using Remarkable)

I use my Remarkable paper table for 7 years now. I’m an avid user since day 1. It’s now more than 5000 written pages in more than 1000 notebooks. Just browsing through all these thoughts feels like traveling in time.

My main use cases:

  • I use it when I’m in a One-on-One dialog to take notes with less interruptions
  • For reflecting. The paper like writing experience make a difference to the way might thoughts can flow
  • For sketching. Actually I use a lot of markers like circles, arrows, highlights, underlining, small scribbles, side notes. And it so much easer if I can draw that by hand
  • When I need to read longer Pdf documents. The reading experience of this larger display is just better. And I can take free notes in the Pdf - that actually was a game changer, as I can work on eBooks now much better

My approach for organizing so many notebooks:

  • I user PARA and the folder structure is in line with my overall Second Brain organizing principle. This makes it super fast to find notes.
  • For notes that I want to capture to my Second Brain in Obsidian I copy the notes as Pdf and attach it to the digital notes, where I can then extend my thoughts and connect it with other notes
  • For notes from 1-on-1 sessions I usually maintain a notebook per person. This is quite interesting over a longer time, as I can travel the history of conversations.

Experiments & Wishes

  • ChatGPT can now analyze written text even better. So I’ll observe how much easier I can directly process my notes with AI to summarize notebooks and extract actions

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