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Building a digital garden



  • Gardens - address this underlying Problem: No place to store and evolve deeper longer-term thinking
  • To keep the ball bouncing with your flow—to maintain that open channel of communication—while you work on some kick-ass stock in the background.
  • So I am looking for a space to nurture, edit in real time and evolve my thinking.
  • A space for collecting the dots
  • a space for collecting (and organizing) the dots is a crucial foundation for thinking, creativity and more:
  • apparently, folders and files is the “best in class” tool (better than tags and search) for personal information management
  • Tom Chritchlow’s wiki approach
    • The root wiki page loops through all the files to create a master index automatically.
    • meat of the wiki is contained in note files which are just markdown files so easily portable.
    • of the complexity and “programming” lies in the layout and index files and none of the complexity lies in the files and folders which remain text files for longevity and easy portability.
  • And there’s lots more too - this twitter thread has a whole bunch of interesting rabbit holes.
  • Interesting list of Wikis and links about PKMS
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