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$10/Year: How I Built My Thriving ‘Mind Garden’
(Share your ideas with a super affordable setup)

Two years ago, I started a ‘Mind Garden’ – a space to share my thoughts and connect with others. It’s been a hit, especially my real-time AI summit summaries!

What’s even more surprising? My entire tech stack costs just $10/year (just for my domain name!).

Here’s the breakdown:
↳ GitHub — stores my Second Brain’s insights in form of Markdown files
↳ Jekyll with Custom Plugins — transforms Markdown into HTML
↳ Cloudflare Pages — delivers the Mind Garden to you
↳ Algolia — makes everything searchable
↳ Sender — manages my newsletter

My Super-Fast Workflow:
1) Obsidian: Where I write down ideas.
2) Python script: Sends notes to GitHub.
3) Cloudflare Pages: Publishes instantly.

This setup means publishing new thoughts in mere seconds.

Want to build your own Mind Garden?
I’m considering a deeper dive into this process. Would that be valuable to you?

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How I grow my Mind Garden and express myself (a complete tech stack for just $10/YEAR)

Two years ago I started my journey with growing my mind garden. It helped me with sharing insights fast and connecting. I helped learners to get deeper insights. E.g. my real-time summaries from an AI summit were in big demand.

All build on a really cool stack of technology, that actually just costs me $10/YEAR! for the domain. Isn’t that crazy?

Here is a very brief tech stack run-through:

  • Cloudflare Pages deliver the Mind Garden to you
  • actually the $10 are for my domain, also registered through Cloudflare
  • My Second Brain extract is available as Markdown in a GitHub repository, that is used by the Cloudflare pages
  • Markdown is converted to HTML via Jekyll and many small plugins I created
  • Search is powered by Algolia
  • Newsletter subscription implemented with Sender

And this a very brief flow from thought to public:

  • Write in my local Obsidian Second Brain
  • Export via a simple Python script and store in GitHub
  • automated publishing through Cloudflare pages

So publishing new thoughts take me some seconds.

Are you interested in learning more about that? I think about documenting my approach in more detail, so let me know if that is of value for you.

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